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Type Resources is the leading provider of innovative and professional qualifying programs for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and offers the only qualifying program in the nation for the FIRO-B Indicator. Margaret Hartzler (Co-Founder) and Katherine Myers developed the first MBTI qualifying program, making Type Resources the "original" - and still the best.

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Los Angeles, CA - Nov 26-30 (MBTI Qual and Application)
Louisville, KY - Dec 3-7 (MBTI Qual and Application)
Washington, D.C. area - Dec 10-14 (MBTI Qual and Application)
New York City - Jan 14-18 (MBTI Qual and Application)
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Type Resources' qualifying programs, and customized and advanced workshops, provide educators, business leaders, human resource professionals, counselors and people around the world with the tools for promoting individual and team development and organizational success.
Type Resources offers the only "hands-on" MBTI qualifying programs that engage participants in two full days of practical applications for use in organizations or in one-on-one consultation with individuals.
Using a holistic approach, Type Resources demonstrates the power of these dynamic tools in diverse settings and relating to:
  Team dynamics
    Leadership styles
     Conflict Resolution
      Career and life planning issues
       Learning and teaching styles
Our trainers have varied experience using type in the real world and they have helped us maintain the highest participant pass rate among our competitors over the years. At Type Resources, we believe it's our job to ensure your successful qualification so you can confidently apply the knowledge you gain.
Type Resources can help you and your organization transform well-respected theory into a practical advantage. From our basic and comprehensive qualifying programs held in cities across the U.S. to our customized programs and extensive book and video catalogue -- Type Resources is prepared to deliver.
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