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FIRO-B Qualification

Provide the participant the necessary training to become qualified to purchase the FIRO-B. This is the only program licensed by the publisher for this purpose.

History: The historical setting for the development is of the theory serves as a foundation for exploring why it is important to examining interpersonal behavioral needs.

Psychometrics: The Guttman scoring techniques is explained so that users understand the value of each need score and know how to interpret the number.

Needs: The needs for inclusion, control, and affection will be examined from an expressed, wanted, and total need perspective. The behaviors associated with low, medium, and high needs on each dimension will be discussed as will total interpersonal need scores.

Interpersonal interactions: Case studies will be used to develop hypothesis regarding applying score comparisons between team members, and for developing hypothesis for improving team performance.

Practice providing feedback to a person regarding their FIRO-B results in a safe environment so that you are comfortable to use the tool with a paying client.


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