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We enhance individual and organizational performance through the application of Personality Theories.


The "Freebies" page is full of free exercises and articles on personality type and the eight function-attitudes.  Something new is posted each week!  Entries are purged monthly so check back often.

Dealing with Archetypal/Functional Opposites
Exercise:  Using the Functions Together 

How Oppositional are our Opposite Functions? 
An Extraverted/Introverted Thinking Exercise

The Fight for Individuation and Independence

A Close Encounter of a Different Kind 
Finding Our Shadow

Understanding Typological Opposites
A Perceiving Function Exercise

A Type Thought for Valentine Day 
Communication Exercise with Life Changing Potential

Word Usage and Type
Musing About Type Instruments
Did Jung Get it Right?

An Exercise for the New Year
Demonstrations of the Eight-Function Attitudes

Using Beebe's and Giannini's Framework Together
Gift Guide for the Function-Attitudes

The Psychological Type Problem
Do Our Functions Really Work in Support of One Another?
Sensing and Intuitive Exercise

Revisiting our Webinar Chat with John Giannini
Team Effectiveness Exercise #60
Individual Type Development – Far From a Rigid System

Exploring the Function Couplings
The Power of Energy Flow Between the Function-Attitudes
Function Selection Exercise  

Understanding Me and You:  A Whole Type Exercise 
Respecting Differences in Others
Why Do We Desire Equal Development of the Eight Functions?

Every Rose Has Its Thorn
The Eight Functions as Life Guides
Grow or Stay Where You Are?

Changing While Remaining the Same
It's Not Just a Horse Race
The Games We Play

Engaging the Four Perceiving Function-Attitudes - An Exercise
Challenge Your Assumptions Regarding Type Theory
A Communication Exercise

Team Effectiveness Exercise
Working with Jung's Theory of Psychological Types
The Importance of Type Verification