Mission Statement

We provide individuals and organizations interested in using personality theories responsibly, accurately, and ethically, publicly offered and customized in-house workshops, consulting services, and supporting books and materials.

We provide high quality workshops on diverse topics using state-of-the-art resources and techniques, and executive mentoring and coaching.

We provide individuals and organizations the capability to be more effective, more aware of themselves, and more respectful of others.

We measure success in terms of client expectations, with meeting those expectations the standard.


We the members and associates of Type Resources base our dealings with others on Integrity, Honesty, and Trust. We consider ourselves family and strive to develop similar relations with our clients.

We are committed to accomplishing personal goals while promoting our organization and assisting our clients to better understand their personal goals and develop the confidence to pursue those goals.

Family activities and wholesome recreation are valued equally with earning and maintaining a professional reputation. Individually, we work at maintaining these values in appropriate balance, and as an organization, we consider each person’s desires when making decisions.

Our strategic and operational plans reflect a spirit of cooperation and mutual support among employees and associates. Personal and professional growth combined with empowerment are essential tenets for achieving our vision.

We are about more than acquiring material wealth. What we do must benefit society as a whole by promoting increased effectiveness, respect for diversity, and deeper understanding of one’s self.

Our Trainers and Associates

Sarah Albritton Bob McAlpine
Alan Brownsword, PhD Peter Noble
Sue Dutton Roger Pearman, EdD
Mary Evans Terry Rohen, PhD
Leona Haas Marci Segal
Amy Hadady Bob Slevin
Gary Hartzler Dick Thompson, PhD
Margaret Hartzler, PhD Judy Tindall, PhD
Kevin Wentworth


Robert W. McAlpine
Chief Executive Officer

Margaret T. Hartzler, PhD

Gary J. Hartzler

Type Resources is a Trade name for Effectiveness Enhancement, Inc.
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