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learn only through individuals who learn."

-Peter Senge, 
The Fifth Dicipline



Announcing Type and the Learning Organization Institute I

May 31- June 2, 2000

One Washington Circle Hotel
1 Washington Circle NW
Washington, DC  20037

An institute focused on the practical 
application of psychological type 
in today's corporate environment.

During the three days of this institute, hear from experts on best practices and strategies in the learning organization as we explore the following two disciplines:

Personal Mastery                     May 31-June 1

Type gives us insights into personal development and growth. Our visions, resistances, and passions will be explored.

Mental Models                                   June 2      
Type is nature's template which links us to a universe of mental models. Explore team and group dynamics, and the power of dialogue through type understanding.

Key Speakers

Katherine Pappa, Program Manager from the Center for Creative Leadership, will look at questions related to promoting personal mastery in Generation X and Y in the learning organization.
Amanda Canavan, MIS Project Manager at Wachovia Bank, will lead us in exploring the ways to unleash creativity and innovative ideas in organizations as a part of personal mastery.
Mark Arell, Executive Director for Corporate Learning for Appleby's Inc., will show us how to apply dialogue and appreciative inquiry in organizations.
Roger Pearman, Type Resources' Partner, prize winning writer, and researcher on psychological type, will stimulate new thinking about the influences of psychological type on how our mental models affect the development of personal mastery.

Developing effective organizations begins with understanding the impact of personal awareness and interpersonal dexterity on corporate success. 

This first-in-a-series institute will examine psychological type and use of the MBTI as powerful tools for understanding the inextricable links between individual and organizational behavior.

Conference Registration Fee: $545                                                                         To Register



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