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Extremely effective when used with the FIRO-B

Discover New Synergies Using Two Powerful Instruments Together!

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Gain new insight into 
individual differences within each type!

Explore the psychometrics supporting each of Step II’s 20 sub-scales as related to the four basic type dimensions. Learn how to use Step II to clarify type preferences, understand team dynamics, and examine issues related to individual type development. Receive multiple exercises for introducing Step II to individuals and teams.

MBTI Step II Programs

September 28 Toronto
October 16 Washington DC
November 3 Toronto
December 4 New York
March 12, 2001 Louisville
June 18, 2001 San Francisco
August 6, 2001 Chicago
October 22, 2001 Washington, DC




Using the MBTI and MBTI Step II to Enhance Organizational Performance, $495

A new program for trainers and organizational professionals featuring practical strategies for applying MBTI theory to team performance and development:

  • Examine factors affecting both team success and derailment.
  • Review case studies which demonstrate the effect of personality types on team dynamics.
  • Applying the eight-function type model to team cycles and the development of team member roles.
  • Understand the relationship between type dynamics and team productivity!




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Using the MBTI and MBTI Step II to Enhance Individual Performance

A must for trainers, consultants and psychologists!

  • Examine the implication of Step II’s 20 sub-scales for the coaching process.
  • Review cases which illustrate the practical application of type theory when working with managers and executives.
  • Receive the latest research on effective coaching techniques.
  • Learn new coaching models to enhance your client’s self-awareness.


MBTI Advanced Application Programs Schedule
Date Program Location
March 20-21 Teams That Work! Chicago
March 22 Coaching Leadership Development Chicago
July 24-25 Teams That Work! Boston
July 26 Coaching Leadership Development Boston
Nov 13-14 Teams That Work! Washington, DC
Nov 15 Coaching Leadership Development Washington, DC

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