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Integrating the
with the FIRO-B  

An innovative one-day workshop for the 
experienced MBTI and FIRO-B user! 

New applications for those already
 familiar with each instrument!

Especially valuable for managers and leaders, this program features rich information and valuable insights into interpersonal dynamics by linking two powerful instruments.

  • Learn the purpose, basis, and interrelationship of the two instruments' scales 

  • Learn interpretation strategies and practical applications for leadership coaching and effective team development 
  • Learn to make the most of CPP's Leadership Report Using FIRO-B and MBTI
Through a combination of mini-lectures, hands-on exercises, and case studies which hone your interpretation skills, become proficient at using the scales in various contexts and learn practical applications for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Important note

Prior to the training program, participants must complete the FIRO-B instrument and provide MBTI preferences so that individual MBTI/FIRO Leadership Reports are available for reference. 

There are no examinations.

Combination Programs

Four Powerful Consecutive Days -- Register for all three workshops in our MBTI/FIRO-B  program series and receive a 10% discount!


Date Program Location
October 16 Introduction to Step II Washington DC
October 17-18 FIRO-B Qualifying Program Washington DC
October 19 Integrating the MBTI and FIRO-B Washington DC
Decmber 4 Introduction to Step II New York
December 5-6 FIRO-B Qualifying Program New York
December 7 Integrating the MBTI and FIRO-B New York
March 12, 2001 Introduction to Step II Louisville
March 13-14 FIRO-B Qualifying Program Louisville
March 15 Integrating the MBTI and FIRO-B Louisville
June 18, 2001 Introduction to Step II San Francisco
June 19-20 FIRO-B Qualifying Program San Francisco
June 21 Integrating the MBTI and FIRO-B San Francisco
August 6, 2001 Introduction to Step II Chicago
August 7-8 FIRO-B Qualifying Program Chicago
August 9  Integrating the MBTI and FIRO-B Chicago
October 22, 2001 Introduction to Step II Washington, DC
October 23-24 FIRO-B Qualifying Program Washington, DC
October 25 Integrating the MBTI and FIRO-B Washington, DC

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