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Robert W. McAlpine, MA

Bob’s leadership and extraordinary classroom skills draw on over two decades’ experience as a career military officer, the U.S. Army’s Organizational Leadership and TQM Programs for Executives, experience as a DDI Certified Master Assessor, and graduate research on the MBTI® and Situational Leadership. He has designed and managed leadership assessment and development programs for hundreds of army officers and qualified hundreds of Type Resources clients to use the MBTI®.

TR Trainers

Amy Hadady, MA, is a career counselor, leadership trainer, and education specialist with more than 15 years experience training corporate teams and using the MBTI® to develop leadership and improve communication skills.

Wendy Finger began her work in the training and development field in 1988. She has both corporate and nonprofit experience, and has experience working within both Fortune 500 companies and start-up organizations. As an independent trainer, she provides technical assistance in the areas of gap analysis, process improvement, curriculum design, leadership development and customer service training. Wendy has trained in Europe as well as the United States. She has written training articles for the e-zine, TechRepublic.

Meg Ellis, MA, is an organizational and leadership coach, program designer and facilitator. Formerly an IT systems analyst and computer sales person, she has, for the past dozen years, specialized in interpersonal behaviors that impact business performance. She uses MBTI®, FIRO-B, and 2020 Insight Gold 360 software in Fortune 1000 companies and start-ups to bridge the gaps in self-awareness and communicating with others.