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Creative Aging: Discovering the Unexpected Joys of Later Life Through Personality Type
Nancy Bost Millner    $16.95
Shattering the traditionally negative concept of aging, this innovative work provides a new perspective on later life - a time of vitality, purpose, and meaning - that everyone can achieve. Applying Jung’s model of psychological type and the MBTI, Millner examines the impact personality differences have on our response to aging. Included are stories shared by over 50 people about the challenges, insights, and joys of aging creatively into the sixties and seventies.

True Loves: Finding the Soul in Love Relationships
Alex T. Quenk and Naomi L. Quenk    $16.95
Living “happily ever after” often means going beyond some of our idealized notions of love to gain self-knowledge about how and why we relate to each other so differently. Elaborating on Jung’s “Soul Images” of love, the authors describe the characteristics of four profoundly different kinds of lovers.

Career Coaching Your Kids: Guiding Your Child Through the Process of Career Discovery
David H. Montross, Theresa E. Kane, and Robert J. Ginn, Jr.    $16.95
This book describes the appropriate roles that parents can play to help their children’s career decision-making process. It shows how to help at each stage and offers an overview of key events in the lives of children, adolescents, and young adults which may impact their career decisions.

MBTI Type and Change
Nancy J. Barger and Linda K. Kirby    $149.00 & $6.25
This is new cutting edge material for dealing with change in an organizational environment. It is designed for consultants conducting workshops to help individuals or organizations dealt with change effectively. The Leader’s Resource Guide provides strategies for dealing with existing problems through exercises and includes agendas, scripts, exercises, and reproducible masters for handouts and overheads. The Participant’s Guide helps workshop attendees effectively deal with change using the MBTI.

Nurture by Nature
Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger    $16.95
This ground breaking guide shows you how to harness the power of Personality Type to develop parenting strategies that work best with your child. You’ll learn which type best fits your child and how this personality type affects your child in each of three stages of child development - preschool, school age, and adolescence.

Teamwork Styles®
Rus McCarter    $4.50
Participants workbook that explains ways to use personality type information to increase teamwork and productivity. Instructions are provided on how to use the Team Styles Report Form. Excellent guidance is provided for working with the different performance styles, and for addressing the different work styles and interactional needs of the four temperaments.

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