Presentation Materials

Most trainers, when faced with presenting an MBTI group feedback session, will prepare a set of overheads or 35mm slides with key points about each of the MBTI scales (and/or the four Temperaments) based on their best understanding of what to say and how to say it. Some of us now use Power Point® to make the generation of these overheads or slides easier and more flexible. With modern projection systems, we can even display our computer Power Point “slide” shows to our groups on full-size screens.

Our trainers have created a set of 24 slides in Power Point for an introductory feedback session that covers type, temperament, and the eight functions in attitude. If you use Power Point, you can purchase the set, modify the words and phrases to fit your own style. If you prefer, you can buy the complete set as either color or B&W overhead transparencies and not have to make a set for yourself.

PowerPoint Presentations, Color, and Black & White Overheads are separately available.

# of
Intro MBTI & Temperament Workshop
by TR &Assoc
(This is the set we use in our qualifying program.)
24 $120 $110 $55
Temperament & MBTI Workshop Notebook
by TRI
na na $489 na
Script for an Intro MBTI Workshop 17 na na $19.95
Intro MBTI & Temperament Workshop-Pro
by HPS
25 $140 $130 na
by HPS
70 $195 na na
CommunicationWheel® (non MBTI)
by HPS
17 $99 $85 na
Language Preferences
by HPS
4 $25 $20 na
Type Preferences
by HPS
8 $50 $40 na
8 Function-Attitudes
by HPS
10 $85 $64 na
8 Function-Attitudes with Inferiors
by HPS
22 $150 $140 na
Team Analysis Matrix Program na $95 na na

Presentation projectors project your computer monitor (Power Point) and video tape presentations to a screen. They are portable, have built-in speakers, and remote control options. Type Resources has arranged to make the InFocus® LitePro® Presentation projectors available at over 15% off list as shown below. All projectors come with a 2 year warranty from InFocus. Cases and spare bulbs are also available.

List Price
Our Price
InFocus LitePro 720 SVGA/450 12 lbs $8,499 $7,199
InFocus LitePro 210 SVGA/300 16 lbs $5,499 $4,399
InFocus LitePro 220 SVGA/250 16 lbs $5,499 $4,399
InFocus LitePro 580 VGA/350 16.9 lbs $5,999 $4,799
InFocus LitePro 620 SVGA/400 24 lbs. $8,499 $6,799
LitePro 760 (no video) XVGA/150 19.5 lbs $7,299 $5,839
Soft Case/Hard Case     $100/299 $99/295

®PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft, Inc. InFocus and LitePro are registered trademarks of InFocus Systems. TR is Type Resources, HPS is High Performing Systems, and TRI is Temperament Research Institute.

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