"Type Resources is a wonderful organization. They have been consistently helpful in answering questions that have come about since I took the qualifying program, providing me with a generous amount of time and support to help me successfully work with my clients using the MBTI. I found the qualifying program to be both informative and very experiential. I followed the program with a 1-day Type and Communication, which helped me gain a deper working knowledge of type in action and the differences between the 8 mental functions and how they can compliment and cause misunderstandings. I would not hesitate to take another course form them and i recommend them highly!!" - Elizabeth Moran

"Bob McAlpine is very impressive in his knowledge of the MBTI and other personality type systems. I highly recommend Type Resources to anyone looking for an exceptional training program and environment." - Deborah Prather

"I took this course in January at Scottsdale. I think this is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I knew very little about the MBTI prior to this course. I was asked to attend the class 2 hours after it started. At first it seemed overwhelming, but as the class continued, the instructor Bob Mcalpine, made it all make sense. He is wonderful at what he does and this class is well worth the investment. I am looking forward to using the MBTI instrument to better understand people and assist them in communicating with others, either on a professional level or in a group setting. It appears to be a wonderful instrument with so many possibilities."  - Kevin Kilday

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