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The Trickster  Let's See What We Have Here


Our webinar on the Trickster Archetype has a maximum class size of 20.  REGISTER BELOW

Frequently asked Trickster Archetype Webinar questions:

What is the Trickster function?

The Trickster is our “7th function” and is the function that often puts us and others in a double-bind, generally to get ourselves out of a double-bind.  It’s the function we tend to use to save ourselves and is the function we tend not to take seriously.

Which function is my Trickster?

You can easily figure out what your Trickster function is by switching the attitude of your tertiary function.  For instance, if your type code is ENFP, your tertiary function is Extraverted Thinking, so your Trickster function is Introverted Thinking.

Why is this an “Archetype” webinar?  What’s an archetype?

An archetype refers to the energy or flavor given to each function.  There are 8 functions (Extraverted Feeling, Introverted iNtuition, etc.), and we all use all 8 functions.  However, how we use each function differs by type code.  Dr. John Beebe, a Jungian analyst, has discovered that we often use one function to take care of others and another to stop people in their tracks.  These are 2 examples of the 8 “archetypes.”

Why learn about archetypes?

For years, we've discussed the first 4 functions in our type code - dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior, and the other 4 functions have remained completely unexplored.  Although we've learned to break the type code and determine what our first 4 functions are, we haven't delved into what it means to have a function be in the auxiliary position, for example.  By exploring what the functions are like in each position, we can learn about ourselves and about our reactions to others.  Archetypes allow us to take type to the next level.

I’m MBTI® Qualified, but I’ve never learned much about the Trickster or about any Archetypes.  Will this workshop be over my head?

Everyone MBTI® Qualified and Certified is invited to attend the webinars and no one is expected to come with knowledge about the archetypes.  Type Resources’ facilitators will bring the knowledge they’ve acquired through their research and conferences with Dr. Beebe to the webinars and invite participants to share their experiences, if they feel comfortable, to create an atmosphere of collaborative learning.

How does the webinar work?

We will send you an email with easy instructions for how to join the webinar prior to the first session.  Type Resources' clients have informed us that they enjoy webinars because they provide an opportunity to learn from the comfort of their home or office and eliminate the cost and hassle of travel.  Thus, we have provided this type of learning as a response to your needs.  In addition, we have set the class size at 20 to ensure diversity of participation while permitting time for reflective interaction, because much of the learning occurs through hearing from others about their experiences. 

What can I expect?

You can expect to experience your unconscious functions and begin to recognize how you use these functions.  These experiences can take the form of vivid dreams, emotional interactions with others or within oneself, and enhanced awareness of bodily sensations.  These webinars provide a safe and relatively anonymous environment to experience and explore the unconscious functions, to develop them, and to discuss the process with others.

No one will be required to verbally participate in the webinar.  Safeguards will be taken to protect the confidentiality of all participants.  There will be pre-work for each session consisting of one or two questions.  This pre-work will serve as the basis for the discussions during the webinar, thus completion of pre-work is essential.

What shouldn't I expect?

While you will receive some text materials, the full set of PowerPoint slides will not be provided due to copyrighted material within the slides.

How do I register?

Click on the link below to register.  When registering, please put your type code (i.e. ENFP) in the "Comments" box when checking out.

 Trickster - Jan 13, 20, 27, 2009 (1:30-3:00pm EST) 
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