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BRI™  Let's See What We Have Here

Breckenridge Relationship Indicator™ (BRI™)

Building, maintaining, and growing effective relationships are key competencies in our personal and professional lives and the BRI™ is a powerful tool for doing this. Studies have shown that 55% of communication is visual (body language), 38% is tone of voice, and only 7% is word choice. These data confirm that people accurately read and respond to the emotional messages we send each other, not only the words we use. This holds true in both personal relationships (family and friends), and professional relationships between managers, direct reports, and co-workers. A pattern of interaction between you and others emerges from repetitive problem-solving and discussions about issues that you have in common. These patterns of interaction are powerfully molded by differences and similarities in personality as well as how effectively each person reacts when they are under pressure from the context. Eventually, the patterns take on a life of their own and can be directly observed in day-to-day interactions. In fact, often others can see the destructive or constructive nature of our patterns of interaction much more clearly than we can because the interaction pattern is on autopilot. These are commonly called blind spots, e.g. negative behavior traits that others see in us that we don’t see in ourselves.

Over time as patterns of interaction solidify and become unquestioned beliefs and assumptions they form a repository of interactions that is a kind of emotional "scoreboard" upon which we unconsciously keep track of the balance between the number of destructive and constructive emotional messages we have received from others. The BRI™ can help to identify and characterize these beliefs and assumptions. Effective relationships at work and at home require an 80-20 ratio of constructive to destructive messages. When this ratio shifts toward the destructive side, our relationships become spring-loaded where negative day-to-day interactions build up to the point where people feel that they have to "walk on egg shells" around each other. A destructive balance also makes interactions toxic where the chemistry and climate in the relationship becomes unhealthy to one or both of the people. Over time, these destructive interactions undermine trust in both personal and professional relationships.

The BRI™ is an on-line survey based on the Breckenridge Enneagram™ that identifies patterns of interaction that can frustrate and undermine personal and professional relationships. The BRI™ comes in two versions. The Corporate Version is used by managers and supervisors to build more effective and productive relationships with their direct reports and co-workers. The Corporate Couples Version is used by couples to improve their relationship and achieve a more effective work-life balance.

The BRI™ report will reveal many of the root causes of ineffective communication between managers and their direct reports or couples. It will give you practical strategies to evaluate, strengthen, and maintain the significant relationships in your personal and professional life. 

For more information on the BRI™ and the Breckenridge Institute’s on-line, mentor-based qualifying program just click on the link below.


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