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Category: Thomas-Kilmann and One Day Programs

Thomas-Kilmann Workshop
This one-day workshop is designed to train you to use the TKI effectively to improve interactions between individuals. What is your preferred method for relating to and/or avoiding others? This one-day workshop is conveniently scheduled to start the day before our FIRO-B Qualifying Programs.

Career Counseling Workshop
Career Counseling One Day Workshop

This Career Counseling packed program builds on and expands your understanding of Myers-Briggs type dynamic, type development and Temperament theory in order to provide more value for your clients

The program will:
  • Increase your ability to provide insight and value for your client
  • Add to your Myers-Briggs tool-kit by creating different entry points into your client conversations
  • Create an environment for idea exchange among colleagues
Program Content:
  • David Keirsey's Temperament theory overview and exercise
  • Type dynamics overview with an experiential exercises to enhance understanding of the 8 cognitive processes. (Se, Si, Ne, Ni, Te, Ti, Fe, Fi)
  • Learn and apply two type development theories (Harold Grant's and John Beebe's) with a real or hypothetical client
  • Sharing of best practices using MBTI with clients
  • Small group practice leading a feedback session with a client incorporating new awareness
Join us and learn new counseling methods for supporting each type in the career decision-making process.

Please register at least 2-3 weeks prior to the start date of a program to ensure course availability.


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