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Alan Brownsword, PhD. has more than 20 years experience using type as a trainer and organization development consultant. He is the author of It Takes All Types and co- author of the Motive Description Questionnaire, the Managerial Style Questionnaire, and the Work-unit Climate Questionnaire.

Adrian Dawson, MD., has senior executive experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and is a consultant specializing in using type and the enneagram in executive coaching.

Sue Dutton is a trainer and writer with years of experience using type theory. She is an organizational consultant specializing in business communications and the editor of Typeworks.

Mary Evans is a renowned trainer in using type effectively to address cross cultural issues and diversity. She has many years of experience training World Bank employees and adds tremendous international expertise.

Vinod Gadhia is an organization consultant with more than 15 years experience facilitating strategic planning, team building, and change implementation in both government and private industry.

Leona Haas has many years experience coaching leaders and facilitators in team development, conflict management, and change facilitation. She is an accomplished training needs assessor and training workshop designer.

Amy Hadady is a career counselor and leadership trainer with more than 15 years experience. Her specialities are leadership development and communication enhancement.

Gary Hartzler has over 20 years of experience using type theory as an executive and organization development consultant to both large and small companies. He is the coauthor of a variety of type related books.

Margaret Hartzler, PhD., President of Effectiveness Enhancement, Inc., is the coauthor of the first publisher-approved MBTI qualifying program. She has been instrumental in developing and presenting a variety of MBTI related programs internationally for more than 16 years, and has written a variety of type application books.

Jane Kendall is a human resources consultant specializing in leadership development, team building, and creative problem solving using type. She has extensive experience working with culturally diverse groups.

Bob McAlpine, CEO of Effectiveness Enhancement, Inc. has more than 10 years experience using type theory to improve team performance and in leader development. He has over 25 years experience as a leader and developer of leaders and teams.

Peter Noble is a human resources development specialist who focuses on applying type theory in the areas of management, organization development, and creative leadership.

Herb Pearce is a facilitator with more than 15 years experience conducting couples counseling and personal growth workshop. He has extensive knowledge and experience in applying the enneagram for enhanced self understanding.

Roger Pearman, EdD., VP of Key Risk Management Services and a feedback specialist and researcher with the Center for Creative Leadership. He uses the MBTI in coaching executives, developing training programs, and in organization development. He is a co-author of Im Not Crazy, Im Just Not You: The Real Meaning of the Sixteen Personality Types.

Judy Tindall, PhD., Consults to business, schools, government agencies, professional associations, and churches focusing on assessment and training in the areas of team building, leadership, peer helping, communication, TQM, strategic planning, sexual harassment, and cultural diversity.

Terry Rohen, PhD., President of Rohen and Associates Psychological Center. He is experienced in using type in the areas of team building, leadership, peer helping, communication, TQM, strategic planning, sexual harassment, and cultural diversity.

Marci Segal is a creativity specialist focusing in the areas of creative process facilitation, training, and organization development. She is an international presenter on type influences on creativity.

Bob Slevin is an organization development and leader development specialist who fully integrates type theory into his work as an external consultant. His speciality is executive coaching.

Angelo Spoto is a Jungian psychotherapist and author of Jungs Typology in Perspective. He has years of experience using type theory in individual counseling.

Bill Squires is an accomplished organization developer and team building facilitator with years of experience working in the public sector. His expertise includes training needs assessment and training design.

Dick Thompson, PhD., CEO of High Performing Systems, Inc. is the developer of the CommunicationWheel and has more than 20 years experience developing leaders.

Kevin Wentworth specializes in incorporating type into adventure learning. He has more than five years experience using type to enhance team trust, improve communication, and develop leaders and teams.

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