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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Training

3+2 MBTI Professional
Qualifying Program

Our traditional 3-Day Basic Qualifying Workshop 
a 2-Day Practical Applications  Program

Attend all 5 days for only $990!


3-Day MBTI Qualifying Workshop, $795

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Days 1-3 

A content-rich experience which, in addition to a four-year college degree, fulfills the publisher's requirements to purchase the MBTI. 
The course content includes:

  • MBTI history, theory, construction, psychometrics
  • Psychological dimensions reported by the instrument, comparison of type and temperament theories, an introduction to type dynamics, and type development based on the eight cognitive processes
  • Administration, scoring, interpretation, and ethical uses of the instrument plus feedback practice
  • The standardized MBTI qualifying examination

Your course fee ALSO includes:

  • Your own expanded MBTI Step II profile
  • MBTI Manual, a Qualifying Program Notebook, a pre-course study guide, video, and practice quizzes
  • A free copy of the best-seller, I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You
  • Introduction to Type in Organizations and Essays on Temperament 

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2-Day Introduction To Type Applications, $395  
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Days 4-5

A powerful and practical workshop which immediately prepares the qualified user to apply type in real life situations!

  • Examine each of the 16 types as a dynamic system
  • See how type influences behavior under stress
  • Learn how to apply type to communication issues, conflict management, problem-solving, team building, learning styles, and more!
  • Receive multiple outlines for conducting introductory workshops, reproducible masters for handouts and overhead transparencies, and more than 50 hands-on exercises for use with groups!

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Attend all 5 days for only $990!**

**New York price is $1150


Dates Location Dates 2001
Toronto Sept 18-22 San Antonio Mar 26-30
Chicago--FULL Oct 2-6 Nashville  Apr 2-6
Sacramento Oct 16-20 San Diego Apr 9-13
Vancouver Oct 16-20 Washington DC (Org. Dev. focus) May 7-10
Raleigh Oct 30-Nov 3 Louisville May 14-18
New York Nov 6-10 Kansas City May 21-25
Dallas Nov 13-17 Chicago June 4-8
Toronto Nov 20-24 Toronto June 4-8
Washington DC Dec 4-8 Boston (Career focus) June 11-15
Louisville Dec 11-15 Hartford July 16-20
Winston-Salem* Dec 12-14 San Francisco July 23-27



Seattle Aug 13-17
Hartford Jan 29-Feb 2 Toronto Aug 20-24
Chicago  (Career focus) Feb 5-8 Cleveland Aug 27-31
Denver Feb 12-16 Raleigh  Sep 10-14
San Francisco Feb 26-Mar 2 Washington  DC Sep 17-21
Toronto Mar 12-16 Dallas Oct 1-5
Washington DC Mar 19-23 Chicago Oct 22-26

 *3 Day Qualifying Workshop Only.

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