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Custom In-House Training
Type Resources is the largest provider of custom corporate programs designed to meet the needs of your environment and delivered on-site at a time most responsive to your business needs!

  • Do you have several individuals across the country who need to be MBTI® qualified?
  • Are you integrating the FIRO-B™ into your corporate-wide team development processes?
  • Does your company need in-depth training on real-life, business-world applications of psychological type?
  • Would an integrated MBTI®-FIRO-B™ training program ensure the success of your corporate leadership development goals?
  • Are you looking for an efficient, economical way to train several individuals within your company?

Type Resources now offers customized MBTI® and FIRO-B™ Qualifying Programs and Applications Workshops for delivery in-house at your company or agency.

We'll work with you to design a qualifying program or stand-alone application workshops that can help you extend the understanding of type and its practical application throughout your organization. Special in-house rates apply with discounts on workshops of 10 or more.

Some of our previous & current clients are: Discover, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Fannie Mae, Merck, Caesars Indiana, Federal Government.

Call today and discover how our in-house workshops can give your company a practical advantage.

Type Resources
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