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Robert W. McAlpine, MA 
Bob’s leadership and extraordinary classroom skills draw on over two decades’ experience as a career military officer, the U.S. Army’s Organizational Leadership and TQM Programs for Executives, experience as a DDI Certified Master Assessor, and graduate research on the MBTI® and Situational Leadership. He has designed and managed leadership assessment and development programs for hundreds of army officers and qualified hundreds of Type Resources clients to use the MBTI®.

Margaret T. Hartzler, Ph.D. 
Well known in the U.S., Canadian, and Australian training arenas as a pioneer in the use of psychological type, Margaret is Type Resources’ founding partner and co-author of the first publisher-approved MBTI® qualifying program. She is an international presenter of MBTI® related programs and an active leader in the continued development of type theory. She has authored a wide variety of books and training materials focused on the practical application of psychological type, and has broad training and consulting experience with government agencies and educational institutions.


We are pleased to announce the formation of a Type Resources partnership as a result of our merger with Leadership Performance Systems and Saturn Consulting Services. With new faces on our leadership team and new headquarters in the bluegrass of Kentucky, we remain committed to bringing you the best in MBTI® based training programs and are confident that this important step in our history will mean new levels of excellence in all of our products and services! We also recognize that our ability to provide the most practical, useful, and knowledge-rich training in real-life applications of psychological type depends on our partnership with you, our customers. That’s why we will be asking often and listening closely to what you think of our new look!

Roger R. Pearman, Ed.D.
Integrating experiences from college psychology professor to private industry executive, Roger has extensive consulting experience with government, education, and business organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He is a feedback specialist and researcher with the Center for Creative Leadership, member of Consulting Psychologists Press’ MBTI® Review Board, past president of the International Association for Psychological Type, and winner of the 1995 Myers Research Award. He is also a published author of several type-related works, among them the best-selling I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You and his more recently released Hard Wired Leadership.

Elizabeth H. Alexander, MA
An experienced strategic planning facilitator for business, non-profit, and community-based organizations, Libby overlays group processing skills with psychological type theory to help align and improve management team productivity. With an academic background in English, more than 15 years MBTI® experience in the workplace, and post graduate work in marketing and management, she has served on the management training faculty for the National Academy of Voluntarism, is an invited member of The Blue Ridge Institute for Southern Community Executives, and is a Kettering Foundation Community Politics team member.

Respectful of the past, grounded in the present, and excited about the future, we at Type Resources know that being the premier provider of high-quality, cutting-edge MBTI® training programs depends on the quality of our classroom trainers. Indeed, our trainers have both outstanding academic credentials and exceptional real-life experiences with a broad variety of psychological testing instruments and are recognized leaders, presenters and published authors on psychological type.

Sarah Albritton, MA, is a management consultant and trainer with more than 15 years MBTI® experience. Co-author of I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You, she brings to the Type Resources team an extensive background in higher education career counseling as well as special talents for team development and strategic planning.

Amanda Canavan, MA, has been a college professor, information systems project manager and independent trainer for teams. Using the indicator for ten years in the university and business environment has given her key insights into the practical use of type in everyday work situations.

Mary Evans, MA, former Trainer Officer at the World Bank and specialist in using type effectively to address diversity and cross-cultural issues, has designed and delivered more than 500 MBTI® training programs and trained a multicultural staff from over 170 countries in effective workplace communication skills.

Sandra Eveloff, MA, is an organizational strategist, graduate school business instructor, and experienced MBTI® trainer who specializes in planning, organizational structure, and executive and team development for change-driven environments.

Leona Haas, MS, a training needs assessor and workshop designer, is experienced with several instruments including the MBTI®, FIRO-B™, and Strong Career Interest Inventory®. Leona has many years experience coaching leaders and facilitators in organizational change and transition, team development, and conflict management.

Amy Hadady, MA, is a career counselor, leadership trainer, and education specialist with more than 15 years experience training corporate teams and using the MBTI® to develop leadership and improve communication skills.

Susan Leonard, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist who works with executives in both coaching and training environments, has extensive experience with 360 instruments, the MBTI®, FIRO-B™, CPI and other key tools used in management development.

Sam Manoogian, Ph.D., licensed psychologist and former Chief Assessor at the Center for Creative Leadership, is an independent trainer and consultant who uses the MBTI® and other testing instruments to provide assessment, coaching and leadership development services.

Peter Nobel, M.Ed, is an independent leadership and team building specialist with over 30 years experience as a manager, consultant, trainer, and human resource developer for business, government, professional associations and community organizations. He applies the MBTI® in management and organization development and creative leadership settings.

Marci Segal, MA, is a creativity specialist focusing in the areas of creative process facilitation, training, and organization development. A highly experienced MBTI® facilitator, she is also an international presenter on how type influences creativity.

Bob Slevin, MA, an organization development and leader development specialist with many years experience using the MBTI®, has worked with federal government and non-profit agencies as well as aerospace, technology, manufacturing and biomedical research and development companies.


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