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Introduction to Applying Type

Do Not Attend This Workshop Unless You are Willing To Gain A Greater Understanding Of Yourself!

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of each type as a system
  • Gain experience in applying type to:
  • Improve communicating ability
  • Identify potentials for conflict
  • Recognize differences in Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Analyze teams
  • Enhance teaching strategies

Content areas:

  • Type as a System
  • We examine each type code to gain an appreciation for the rich dynamics associated with the code.
  • Have the opportunity to share who you are with the other participants and to experience the type codes of those participating in the training.
  • Be able to ask any question you desire of those present in the workshop.
  • View videos of the type codes not present.
  • Have the opportunity to explore how to interact with or coach those of each code.

Communicating and Conflict Management

  • Experience how type influences our preferred communicating styles and practice talking in these different styles.
  • Learn how to quickly identify possibilities for conflicts in communication using a visual technique and type dynamics

Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Learn how our type dynamic preferences influence how much energy we tend to give each cognitive process.
  • Experience a team exercise that brings to life the conflict potential because of differences in individual dynamic preferences

Team Analysis and Team building

Learn to analyze a team to identify opportunities for group think, potential for conflict, and potential blind spots

Teaching and Learning Styles

Examine how our dynamic structure leads us to have different teaching and learning preferences. Discuss the possible impact of these differences on our society.

Receive a reference book containing:

  • Multiple outlines for conducting introductory workshops Reproducible masters for handouts and overheads
  • More than 50 exercises to use when working with type theory

This workshop is open to all qualified users of the MBTI, not just basic qualification attendees.


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