Type, Motive, and Organization Development


To introduce Harvard psychologist David C. McClelland’s theory of social motive drive and how it links to leadership style and work unit climate to participants already familiar with psychological type and to qualify participants to use Motive, Leadership Style and Work Unit Climate questionnaires.


This three-day active learning workshop provides an opportunity to learn (1) how to combine type and motive in executive coaching and team building and, (2) how to use type, motive, leadership style and work unit climate concepts to contribute to the development and maintenance of high performing organizations. Specifically, participants will learn to:


$345 with early bird registration 40 days in advance.
$395 regular.

Dates and Locations:

Jan 12-14 San Francisco, CA
May 11-13 Boston, MA
Oct 26-28 Gaithersburg, MD

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